Missouri Shelters Scramble To Find Foster Homes After Severe Flooding


Part of Missouri near St. Louis has experienced severe flooding, and it’s putting animal shelters in danger. Two rescue organizations have reported flooding in their kennel spaces, causing them to evacuate all the dogs in their care. An overwhelming number of foster parents have stepped up to help the dogs in need.

These shelters are now in desperate need of donations as they continue to operate amid the flooding. While helping their adoptable dogs, they’re also trying their best to help dog parents in the community as well.

Dogs at shelter

Emergency Foster Homes

Gateway Pet Guardians and Stray Paws Adoptables have both experienced severe flooding in their facilities. Sadly, ten puppies drowned during the flooding at Stray Paws because it was too deep for them to stand, but all the adult dogs at both locations survived.

The poor dogs had to stand in water in their kennels until help arrived. Both shelters evacuated their dogs from the kennel spaces and reached out to the community for help. They needed immediate foster homes and, of course, volunteers and donations. They ended up getting more support than they could’ve imagined.

Shelter Dog recovering

“We are looking for fosters to come get dogs and cats from our shelter TODAY so that we can help take in as many more as possible!” Gateway Pet Guardians wrote.

Stray Paws Adoptables received over 100 foster applications, while Gateway Pet Guardians received over 1,000. Gateway Pet Guardians even had a line out the door of people wanting to take home a foster dog.

Line of volunteers

Of course, shelters can always benefit from foster homes, but now, it’s more crucial than ever. The temporary homes will allow the shelters to clean and fix their facilities without having to worry about reaching capacity as new dogs come in.

How Can You Help?

All the dogs who were currently at the shelters have now found foster homes. It’s unclear how long those dogs will need to stay in foster care, but hopefully, many families can keep them until adoption. Even with all the support they’ve already received, both organizations still need donations more than usual.

Dog riding in car

Gateway Pet Guardians have received over $45,000 in donations so far, and supply donations are also encouraged. Stray Paws Adoptables hasn’t shared the type of donations they need most, but Gateway Pet Guardians created a list of donations they’re looking for:

  • Large dog crates
  • Stainless steel bowls
  • Cat carriers
  • Cat litter
  • Potty pads
  • Dog toys
  • Cat toys
  • Training treats

If you’d like to help these shelters get back on their feet, you can donate to Stray Paws Adoptables and/or Gateway Pet Guardians. And if you live in Missouri, consider adopting a new furry friend! This is a tragedy no one saw coming, but it looks like the shelters will be OK, thanks to the overwhelming support.

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