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Dog sliding down snowy hills. Also, take a look at a dog who wants to get inside by showing it in a really funny way, and much more. Enjoy!

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Your time with dog

Working from home is becoming an increasingly part of the daily lives of more and more people, but dogs can have difficulty adapting to new routines. For this reason, it’s a great idea to create a new routine to set the time together.

“Try to do 15 minutes every day for a week at the same time. Find a quiet place, pay close attention to your dog, keep a pet, admire, talk for 15 minutes,” said Purina Canine Fortification Specialist. Alex Johnson, MS suggests.

Notice the reaction of the dog on the first day compared to the reaction of the dog after one week. When it’s time to play, they can start looking for you. If both enjoy the time together, Johnson adds, “Change things by continuing as a daily activity or by adding new activities while keeping the same time.”

Car rides

Do I need to go out? Maybe it’s time to go to the street. Riding in a car is a great way to keep your head clean, and it’s more likely that your dog will want to come with you.

Take a break and drive a little around the neighborhood. If the weather is nice, lower the windows to capture all the sights and sounds.

Dog Puzzle Games

When it comes to canine enrichment ideas, DIY can come into play by creating puzzle games for your dog from cardboard boxes. There is also a wide range of puzzle toys available commercially that you can buy as well. Start by placing small pieces of dog food or treats inside the box among their toys. Then let them use their sense of smell and natural digging ability to locate the treats. Dog puzzle games mentally stimulate your dog while helping their self confidence.

Couch Potato Play

Spending time watching a TV show often helps to hug your dog. But you can also do something during this time without leaving the couch.
Johnson suggests keeping toy baskets and drawers nearby. B. Plush toys and tractors. “Because dogs operate their own toys, verbal encouragement is often sufficient. Give them praise that can increase their enthusiasm for the activity and extend their playtime,” she said. say.


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