Best Pet Insurance in Miami (2022 Reviews)


Shopping for pet health insurance for your pet in Miami can be confusing. How much will it cost? What is and isn’t covered? It pet insurance required in Miami?

In this review, we’ll cover the best rated pet insurance providers that offer coverage in Miami, FL. We’ll also address many of the questions Miami residents may have when first considering pet insurance for their dog or cat.

Miami Pet Insurance Reviews (Updated 2022)

The following pet insurance carriers offer coverage in Miami, FL:

Prudent Pet
Annual Coverage
Annual Coverage
$5,000 or Unlimited
Up To $100,000
$5,000 or Unlimited
$10,000 or Unlimited
$5,000 – $30,000
Multi-pet Discount?
Multi-pet Discount?
What They Do Best
What They Do Best
Best for plan customization
Great pricing for puppies & kittens
$0 copay option. No fees for paying monthly.
Best for paying claims to veterinarian direct
Short waiting periods
Best for paying claims fast
Best Trustpilot reviews
Best plan for superior benefits
Fast claims. Wellness plan available.
iHeartDogs Customer Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
iHeartDogs Customer Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Wellness Plan Option? (preventative care e.g. exams, dental, vaccines)
Wellness Plan Option? (preventative care e.g. exams, dental, vaccines)
Example Quote for 1 Year Old 30 lb Mixed Breed
Example Quote for 1 Year Old 30 lb Mixed Breed
$35.81 per month
$20.00 per month
$30.00 per month
$68.25 per month
$69.30 per month
$26.25 per month
$73.46 per month
$42.35 per month
Reimbursement Amount
Reimbursement Amount
90%, 80%, or 70%
90%, 80%, or 70%
90%, 80%, or 70%
100%, 90%, 80%, or 70%
90%, 80%, 70%, 60%, or 50%
90%, 80%, or 70%
90%, 80%, or 70%
100% or 90%
Annual Deductible
Annual Deductible
$50, $100, $200, $250, $500, or $1,000
$100, $250, or $500
$100, $250, or $500
$0 to $1,000
$100, $250, $500, or $750
$100, $250, $500, $750, or $1,000
$100, $250, $500, or $1,000
$200, $300, $500, $750, or $1,000
$250, $500, or $1,000

How Much Does Pet Insurance Cost in Miami, FL?

The cost of Miami pet insurance for a 3 year old mixed breed dog based in Miami zip code 33101 ranges from $26.05 to $61.48, depending on which Miami pet insurance carrier you choose.

The cost of pet insurance does vary by city and state. In addition your dog’s age and breed also significantly affect the price. To receive the most accurate information for your dog based on your Miami zip code, enter your information to receive a quote in seconds below.

Is Pet Insurance Required by Law in Miami, Florida?

Pet health insurance is not required by law, however experts recommend that if you do not have a substantial pet emergency savings account (in the $5,000-10,000 range), you probably need to invest is pet insurance protection. In recent years, the costs of veterinary care (especially emergency vets) has skyrocketed. A single pet health emergency can send you into debt, or force you into a terrible situation in which you may be unable to pay for your dog’s emergency care.

Which Pet Insurance Company is Best for Miami Residents?

Pet insurance pricing changes frequently based on your dog’s location, breed, and age. There is no single “best” company as there are many options to consider, including deductibles, copays, waiting periods, and annual coverage amounts. The best way to find which Miami pet insurance option is best for you is to use a pet insurance comparison engage such as this.

Dog Ownership in Miami – Does Pet Insurance Make Sense?

Currently, Miami has a fast growing population of 454,279, many of which are passionate dog parents. The top dog breeds in Miami are currently reported as:

1. German Shepherd Dog

2. Yorkshire Terrier

3. Rottweiler

4. Labrador Retriever

5. French Bulldog

Many of these dog breeds suffer from hereditary conditions, including joint problems, eye problems, and canine allergies. For this reason, pet insurance may be a good investment if you live in Miami.

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