Firefighters Come To The Rescue When 250-Pound Dog Falls Down Basement Stairs


When a cat gets stuck high up in a tree, everyone’s first instinct is to call the fire department. But who do you call when your 250-pound dog gets stuck in your basement?

We can’t say the same is true for everyone, but when you’re from the small town of Mingo Junction, Ohio, the fire department doesn’t pick and choose which animal to save. So, when Puff the Saint Bernard had a seizure and fell down the basement stairs, these local heroes didn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand. 

Fire Department

Puff’s mom, Bobbie Jo, was folding laundry when she turned her back for a mere moment. The next thing she knew, the gentle giant had a seizure right in front of the open basement door and fell down the stairs. At 250 pounds, the momentum of his seizure and fall propelled Puff all the way to the bottom of the steep basement steps.


Convinced that the combination of the seizure and his fall had ended his life, Bobbie Jo started screaming for her grandson’s help.

Thankfully, Puff was still alive, though he wasn’t in the best shape. The sweet pup continued to have seizures on and off throughout the night. Then, when he was finally feeling better, he was too terrified to traverse the basement stairs.

Basement Stairs

But Puff was far too heavy and strong-willed for Bobbie Jo to rescue him by herself. So she reached out to the Mingo Junction Fire Department for help.

The local firefighters were not only willing to come, but they were quick to respond and immediately set their rescue plan into motion. Within 15 minutes of her call, they had arrived and started working to save Bobbie Jo’s best friend, Puff. 

Bobby Jo and Puff

“When somebody calls 911, it’s usually their worst day. We perform on their worst day. It’s our job to them. We assist them, do what needs to be done. Any small thing that’s an emergency to them, it may not be to us, but we are here for the citizens,” commented Mingo Junction Fire Chief Brandon Montgomery. 

Together, they wrapped Puff in a tarp and were able to lift him to safety. Bobbi Jo was incredibly relieved because she had no idea how she would get her furry best friend out of the basement without assistance. She couldn’t help but comment that they had gone above and beyond for her. 

Now that Puff has been rescued, next on the agenda is to get him checked out at a vet. 

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