14 Things You Must Stop Doing to Your Dog

As valued family members, dogs deserve to be treated with love. However, even the most responsible dog owners can slip up and do things that can potentially harm their canine companions.
In this video, we will look at 14 things you should stop doing to your dog.

Don’t yank on a leash
One of the dangers of a leash pull is your dog choking. Reports show an average of 27,000 dogs every year are injured in a collar related accident. Even worse, high rates of thyroid issues have been observed in dogs that frequently pull on the leash.
Using harness is the best way to avoid most dangers arising from a leash and collar pulling. Studies have shown harnesses are significantly less dangerous than collars.
Don’t skip the vet
We know that taking your dog to the vet is a pain, not to mention expensive. But regular check-ups are so important for your dog’s health. The vet can identify issues you might not even be aware of.
Don’t make them apologize
Many people think that dogs know when they have done something wrong because they look guilty. But in reality, your dog isn’t sorry that they have chewed your shoes or knocked over your plants. Scientists believe that dogs can’t feel complex emotions such as guilt or shame.
Don’t restrict them from exploring and sniffing
Dogs are curious and love nothing more than sniffing around and exploring.
Walkies are quality time they get to spend outdoors. It is also a great way to keep them healthy. One thing you should never do is to restrict your four-legged friend from exploring and sniffing.
Don’t use human products on your dog
Never use products you would use on yourself for your canine companion.
Using human shampoo, for example, will disrupt your dog’s acid mantle, leaving them vulnerable to parasites, viruses, and bacteria. It also makes their skin feel dry and flaky.
Human toothpastes and sunscreens contain ingredients that would be harmful to dogs if they swallow them.
Any cleaning products that contains bleach or ammonia is also hazardous to your dog.
Don’t isolate them
Dogs are pack animals. When they are in the wild, they do everything together and they are loyal to the pack.
Make sure that you take them for walks and give them a lot of attention when you can. Your dog is a member of your family and, as such, needs to spend time with you.
Don’t assume your dog doesn’t mind the weather.
Humans wear shoes so we don’t realize just how hot a pavement can get. It’s important to remember that when the ambient temperature is 85 degrees, the asphalt surface temperature can reach a sizzling 140 degrees—which is hot enough to cause burns, tissue damage, and potentially to scar your dog’s sensitive paws.
Don’t feed them more than RDI
Never feed your dog more than their recommended daily intake. It’s hard to resist those puppy eyes, but you need to be a responsible dog owner.
Food is not love, and canine obesity is on the rise.
Don’t Leave a Dog Alone in a Car
Never ever leave your dog alone in an enclosed car.
According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the temperature inside a vehicle can go up by 20 degrees in under 10 minutes, even if the car is parked in the shade.
Dogs don’t sweat like humans, and they overheat much faster than you think. They lack the ability to cool themselves off efficiently, and the consequences of keeping your pup in an enclosed vehicle can be fatal.
Don’t give them unwanted hugs
Even though it’s tempting, full-body hugs aren’t good for dogs. A hug is usually threatening or unwelcome to them, especially if they feel trapped.
Most dogs will allow trusted people to hug them but that does not mean that they all enjoy it in the way another human does.
Don’t dress up your dog
Don’t buy clothes for your pet just because they may look cute in them.
When it is cold, you may want to dress your dog for walks but also, keep in mind that they have fur to help regulate their body temperature.
Avoid using strong fragrances
Dogs have about a 1000-10,000 of your ability to perceive scents. There are smells that we may barely notice but they could be very annoying to your dog. Try to minimize perfumes, cleaning products, vinegar, chili peppers, and citrus scents.
Secure your dog in the car
People use seat belts, children use car seats, so why would the case be any different for your dog. If you don’t secure your four-legged friend in the car and you end up in a car accident, your dog can get seriously injured or even killed.
On that note, never let your dog stick its head out of a moving vehicle. Branches, rocks or other debris could collide with the animal’s head. Even worse, the dog might feel the impulse to jump out of a moving car.
Don’t make them hate their crate
The biggest mistake people make when training their dogs is using the crate as punishment.
That’s the worst thing you can do because the dog will then have a negative association with the crate.

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