Fans Are Furious When Katie Price Gets New Dog After 4 Tragic Pet Deaths


Four animals have died under the care of media personality Katie Price, but is it a horrible coincidence or a pattern? All the incidents were described as sudden tragedies, but after recent events, fans grew skeptical. Not only did three of Price’s dogs die far too soon, but she also gave away one that was meant to “replace” her French Bulldog.

So, fans were concerned when Price hinted that she was getting another protection dog for the family. Animal rights activists didn’t hesitate to speak out, saying that Price doesn’t deserve to have more pets. However, Price and her family continue to defend their choices.

Katie Price with Protection Dog

Price’s Pet History

In 2020, the family’s French Bulldog named Rolo died suddenly of suffocation. Price had illegally given the puppy a type of cannabis oil that requires a vet’s prescription. Shortly after, Rolo fell asleep under an electric chair and suffocated when the family’s nanny sat in the chair.

Then, Price’s fiancé, Carl Woods, gave Price a new French Bulldog for their 6-month anniversary. They named the puppy Precious, but after less than a year of caring for her, they gave her to a reality show crew member. Price hasn’t explained her reasoning for rehoming the dog that she said was like a “new baby” to her.

Katie Price Cuddling Dog

Yet, Rolo isn’t the only pet with a tragic fate. Price’s German Shepherd named Sparkle died a few months earlier after running into a busy street and getting hit by a car. In 2018, a different German Shepherd named Queenie died when she got hit by a delivery driver. However, the driver insists that she never hit the dog, and no criminal charges were pending.

In 2017, one of Price’s horses also died after being hit by a car in the same area. It’s possible that Price runs into a lot of bad luck, but animal activists seem to think pets aren’t safe in her care.

Katie Price Kissing Protection Dog

Welcoming a New Dog

On a recent Instagram story, Price mentioned that she’s preparing for a new protection dog named Okra, who is being trained by Protection Dogs Worldwide. Price currently has two other dogs: a Chihuahua named Buddy and another protection dog named Blade. Woods also has his own dog named Sid.

Price believes she needs protection dogs because she has been through many scary situations, and several of her kids were present in some cases. She finally decided to get Blade after being held at gunpoint during a carjacking in 2019. However, some people, including representatives from PETA, still don’t believe Price should get more dogs after what has happened.

Katie Price trains dog

“Given her track record with animals, several of whom have died in her ‘care’, it would be irresponsible and reckless for Katie to be allowed to acquire another one,” said PETA director Elisa Allen. “And any breeder willing to sell to her is clearly putting profit over the animals’ welfare.”

It’s clear that Price and her family members have been through a lot of trauma, but so have their pets over the years. Hopefully, if she follows through with getting another dog, she considers that dog’s needs and well-being above her personal wants. Dogs can love us and protect us, but they deserve to be kept safe too.

Katie Price with Blade the Dog

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