The pitiful cry of a dog living in an unoccupied apartment for a long time

Poor Julia was discovered by the people around her in a small dark room.

As soon as I received her call for help, I went to where she was hiding.

The scene before my eyes made me extremely sad; it was a deserted room that had been uninhabited for a long time.

Without food or drink, I don’t know how long she lived in this situation.

But right now, Julia is in dire need of help.

Her eyes were full of fear, completely foreign to me.

It took me a long time to reach her and get her out of the room.

Julia was taken to the hospital for a check-up.

She is an old dog with dense, slow-moving fur.

Julia’s health is very weak, and her sad eyes no longer trust the world, which makes me sad.

What happened caused her to withdraw and not want to be close to anyone.

Hopefully, from today Julia’s life will be changed.


As Julia’s coat begins to be trimmed, she becomes much more docile and cooperative.

Her beautiful face was gradually revealed, her eyes full of innocence and amusement.

Seeing the world she had never seen clearly before,

I will show Julia that this life has many interesting things, and especially love that she has never received before.

Her health was severely depleted.

Julia will need to stay in the hospital for some time.

The transfusion will continue until she is completely recovered.

Our Julia is very calm and begins to get along with other dogs.

Her health was stable, and she was released to go home.

However, she still needs a lot of time to rest. All day she just lays down and sleeps.

Julia’s faith is being restored as she discovers new joys in her new home.

What happened to her was like a real miracle.

Julia’s life has probably never been lived to the fullest as it is now.

Julia’s life has probably never been lived to the fullest as it is now.

The present life is completely worthy of Julia.

I feel lucky to be able to change the fate of an unfortunate dog.
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