These 21 Social Media Posts Sum Up The Fun & Cuteness of Cats & Dogs


Here’s the easiest math equation you’ll ever solve. What does you plus one furry pet equal? That’s right, a lifetime of love! And with all the snuggles, tail wags, and whiskery kisses your cats and dogs bestow upon you, expect some fun and laughs too.

Since other pawrents love to share the antics of their pups and purr children on social media, you can multiply your laughs with an unending supply of posts and memes. But if your time is divided among too many things, this week’s collection of the 21 funniest social media posts about cats and dogs will help you sum up the silliness!

Multiply the Laughs with These 21 Cats & Dogs Posts

#1 – Please follow all instructions. Oliver thanks you for your cooperation.

#2 – There is only one good, a full bowl; and one evil, an empty bowl.

#3 – Helpful packing tip!

#4 – Please don’t, Janet…

#5 – An expurrt hider.

#6 – Smile, and the whole world smiles with you.

#7 – Little guy adds up to big cute!

#8 – The best flower ever.

#9 – PSA for felines.

#10 – He’s cast a love spell, and we’re all happily under his sway…

#11 – But she IS the baby…

#12 – It’s good to shout your happiness for all to hear, especially when a dog is involved.

#13 – This doesn’t add up

#14 – Company, you say?

#15 – Sounds like fun. Can we join you?

#16 – I’ll take a pup cup and a large side of treats, please.

#17 – Origins…

#18 – A poem…

#19 – The internet has now provided us with the most perfect image ever!

#20 – If you haven’t, now you have.

#21 – Cats have the game figured out…

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Feature Image: @francesandfam/Twitter & @gorditos_perritos/Instagram

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