13 Poop Bags That Are Really the Sh*t, According to Dog People

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Every doggy poops, which is why you need poop bags; and anything that makes the process a little more pleasant gets a gold star from us. That’s why we’ve collected the best dog poop bags available online to help you deal with life’s little surprises.

These days, purveyors of poop bags have our backs so you’re not left scrambling for regular plastic bags. No more stuffing one grocery bag into another, and another, and another. No more sneakily tossing the contents of a long stroll into your neighbor’s trashcan. Now there are bag dispensers, biodegradable dog poop bags, scented sacks, and even poop bag holders so you’re not left carrying the evidence.

Best Dog Poop Bags That Can Biodegrade (Under the Right Conditions)

If you’re looking to decrease the size of your carbon footprint, biodegradable could be the option for you and your dog. One thing you may not be aware of, however, is that their earth-friendliness depends on how you dispose of them. Learn more about the truth about biodegradable dog waste bags.

That said, here are our picks for the best biodegradable dog poop bags you can buy online:

Compostable under the right conditions (more about that here), the Original Poop Bags come in a four-pack of 15 bags per roll. We love this paired with the equally-earth-friendly Hydrant Poop Bag Dispenser.

These bags are also available on Amazon.

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Go au naturel with these bags. Made from plants and oils, these soft-to-the-touch sacks are so biodegradable you have to use them within a year or else… they disintegrate? Or turn into flowers?

This is a great bag for the environmentally conscious, responsible dog parent. When you’re picking up poo, it’s best to do it guilt-free.

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Earth rated poop bags

At the risk of veering into hyperbole, this is everything you ever wanted in a poop bag: big enough for any business, thick and tough (so there are no surprises), leak-proof and—get this!—lavender-scented.

They pull off from the roll easily and open with a quick pinch so you can deal with…a quick pinch.

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Made from plant starches and certified compostable in both the US and Europe, these literally green bags are leak-proof and better for the environment.

They also have a wallet-friendly price, with both a 120 and 270 count option.

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These earth-friendly sacks break down in under two years, so your dog’s doodoo is less of a burden on the environment—even the packaging is made from recyclable materials.

The fresh powder scent will trick your nostrils, and the bags’ durability will withstand the waste of a papillon as well as an Irish wolfhound.

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If you’re only dealing with lighter loads, these mini bags from Earth-Rated are equally as fantastic as their bigger cousins.

The mini bags measure 6.5 x 9.5 inches, perfect for the most petite of potties.

The brand also offers a variety of different sizes and style poop bags, including standard bags and bulk options.

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Best All-Purpose Dog Poop Bags

These heavy doodie bags are perfect for a backyard-bound animal or a romp at the dog park.

Slip one on and make a quick pick-up tour of the grounds. They’re easy to use, and flip inside out, so there’s no risk of mess.

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If the thought of a freshly scented poop bag makes you turn up your nose, try these on for size.

The handles are designed for easy tying, the bags come in a box of hundreds (rather than a dispenser roll), and the secret ingredient?

No, not love—cornstarch, which helps these bags pack a major biodegradable punch.

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With a tongue-in-cheek name, and crafted from recycled materials, these dog waste bags give back as well.

10% of every purchase is donated to the Soi Dog Foundation, which is dedicated to helping street dogs and cats in Thailand.

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Like to laugh while you clean up after your dog? These fun and funny dog bags from BarkBox have dog potty humor printed on them. These are also sustainably made, and come with a money-back guarantee.

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If you’re looking to add some color to your walks, these cheerful “potty time” waste bags are for you.

Lavender-scented and made to break down naturally and, these bags are durable and easy to use.

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Unscented, extra strong and made of earth-friendly materials, these bags are also a steal. For under $18, you get 300 bags with a cardboard core for easy dispensing from any standard bag dispenser.

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Best Bulk Dog Poop Bags

For cheap doo-doo bags, you can’t go wrong with bulk ordering. After quite a bit of digging, we uncovered the best deal around (er, online).

This is a great deal, with 1,000 bags plus a dispenser for less than $15 currently. As a point of comparison, AmazonBasics offers just 900 bags and a dispenser for the same price.

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The Bottom Line

And there you have it! Picking up dog poop has never been easier, more affordable, more biodegradable, more lavender-scented, or more colorful. Hooray for poop bags!

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