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Caring for your dog:
Owning a dog is great fun and immensely rewarding. But given that dogs have complex needs, our expert advice will help you ensure your dog is healthy and happy. Take a look around and learn more about caring for a dog!

A few facts about dogs
Dogs have highly developed senses – including an incredibly well-developed sense of smell, far superior to humans. They can also see better than us in dark and dim light, as well as hearing in ultrasound and detecting sounds up to four times quieter than humans can hear!
Dogs use a range of methods to communicate – including scent information, sounds such as whines, whimpers, growls, barks and howls, and also body language using their body, face, tail, ears and limbs.
Dogs are athletic – the fastest recorded speed for a greyhound is 42mph, similar to that of a mounted racehorse!
Dogs are highly social – many dogs enjoy the company of other dogs, but they¿ll also form strong social bonds with humans, becoming very attached to particular people in their lives.
Dogs can learn the names of their toys. For example, Rico, a border collie, learned the names of 200 toys and can reliably fetch the correct toy when asked to.

00:00 Introduction
03:00 Why did I choose a dog
04:56 How to choose the breed
07:00 Pedigree
08:30 Where do I find the information
09:00 Shredding
11:00 Things to consider when buying a puppy
13:20 Vaccinations, microchipping & health check
16:26 Insurance
19:10 Food habits
24:09 Travelling
28:45 Toileting
29:33 Worklife and pets
32:02 Kids and pets
32:40 Hygiene
34:13 grooming
36:00 Legal obligations
37:50 Costs
39:40 Breeding business
42:00 Neutralisation

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