How To Improve Your Dog’s Gut Health (5 Ways To Fast Healing)

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Generally, the gut lining allows fully digested nutrients from the intestines to pass through it and into the bloodstream but keeping toxins, undigested food and everything else inside the gut.

However, as tiny gaps open up making the lining more permeable, it can no longer effectively filter out toxins, allowing them and undigested food particles to get into your dogs bloodstream, leading to leaky gut syndrome.

With this in mind here’s five ways to begin healing your dogs gut health:

Step one is to feed your dog a quality powdered probiotic to build up healthy colonies of beneficial bacteria in the gut. This quickly brings down bad gas, diarrhea, bloat and other digestive issues. There’s no prep, no fuss, you simply add a small amount to your dogs meals and watch what happens over the following weeks. And I’ll leave a link in the description below and at the link above to the best probiotic product I know of.

Step two is to give your dog prebiotics to feed the probiotics already in the gut and help the gut bacteria produce fatty acids that protect the mucosal cells in the intestinal lining. The probiotic I discussed in step 1 also contains prebiotics.

Step three is to stop pharmaceutical drugs and medications and use the natural effective alternatives and I’ll leave a link to a good book on Home Remedies for Dogs that covers exactly what you need for flea and tick control, deworming, natural antibiotics and reducing over vaccination.

Step four is to give your dog digestive enzymes to help break down the food your dog eats so the nutrients in the food can be more easily absorbed. Kibble fed dogs always need extra enzymes because commercial pet food has zero enzymes in it and a dogs natural supply is limited causing stress to the digestive system.

This also means your dog becomes undersupplied and susceptible to disease and break-down. Glands as well as major organs become stressed from enzyme deficiency and this becomes more visible as your dog ages and loses vitality.

If a dog has spent most of its own enzymes and isn’t getting any in the diet, and kibble fed dogs get none, their cellular function and health will rapidly decline.

And I’ll leave a link to an excellent digestive enzyme in the description below and at the link above.

And Step five is to feed your dog a healthier diet. Diet plays a huge role in your dog’s gut health and is the underlying cause of 9 out of 10 health problems in dogs from an unbalanced immune system.

Diet is the main underlying cause of leaky gut in dogs. Kibble is full of starch which leads to inflammation in the gut and other directly related health problems such as arthritis, allergy related skin and coat problems, digestive complaint, hot spots, diarrhea issues, yeast infections, ear infections and renal problems.

And it’s diet, or more specifically, a kibble diet that’s introducing too many bad bacteria and causing immune system imbalance that leads to the ill health problems mentioned.

I wrote a comprehensive ebook for pet parents feeding a kibble diet so they can manage a simple step by step process and boost their dogs kibble meals quickly and conveniently so the dogs gut health improves quickly and day to day health issues decline.

You’ll find a link below in the description above explaining more about the Healthier Kibble Diet.
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