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Hey Guys! I’m Dr. Lindsay and I’m sure you landed on this video because you got a new puppy or your about to get a new puppy! I am going to pour out my years of knowledge about taking care of puppies for you guys in this video.

It all depends on what breed you get!
And you basically have 4 options.
1. A Toy breed puppy (yorkie, maltese, toy poodle) – the most complicated in terms of nursing care and mothering.
2. A medium regular size breed puppy – (cavalier, beagle, corgi, Australian shepherd)
3. A Large breed dog – husky, German shepherd, pitbull, Labrador, golden retriever
4. A giant breed dog – great dane, malamute, great pyrines, saint Bernard, ridge back,
So I’ve already made a video on how to feed your puppy – I give great examples for each size I just mentioned – so go check out that video on my channel!

When you get a new puppy be prepared for 1-2 months of getting up in the middle of the night. Puppies have small bladders even the large breed ones and they can’t hold it over night.
I set alarms at 2 am and 6 am to let my new puppies go potty!
I am half asleep and I take my puppy out of the care and take him outside to pee in the grass… you can take a toy breed to pee on a pee pad – and then immediately say “Good puppy”
Then I go back into bed and get ready to wake up at 6 am and do it again.
During the day you should expect to take a new puppy at 8 weeks old out about 3- 6x a day to go potty. Of course with your bigger dog breeds you can leave them longer in the crate and they can hold it than a toy breed.
Puppies don’t want to make a mess in their crate. They are sensitive creatures, they want to please you and be good. So be patient with these little babies during potty training.

How much exercise should you do with your puppy to get their energy out?
Puppies love to play! And then they sleep.. a lot.
At 8 weeks old or 2 months to 4 months puppies will want to play at 6 am, noon and 5-8 pm they will be wild and then pass out for sleep.
You can expect to do a 20-30 minute walk with medium, large and giant breed dogs outside to get their energy out and then they should sleep for 4-5 hours after that until noon when you do it again and then at night again.
These walks are so important for bonding with you and your puppy and training them to walk on the leash. Talk to them while you walk with them… dogs are so smart!

For Toy breed puppies this will be way different: Simple 5 minutes of outside walking and then 20-30 minutes indoor playing is all they need!
They are fragile babies.

Puppies need lots of stimulation and like to chew on toys and learn tricks and play fetch.
Make sure you have lots of toys and bones around to keep them entertained.
Puppies have sharp baby teeth and love to play bite and wrestle. Do not encourage rough play because this can lead to an aggressive adult dog. Some gentle tug and fun positive play is great!

So now your puppy is about 6 months old, they are starting to look like an adult and their teeth are coming in and they are slowing down on teething.. they sleep through the night and are on their way to becoming that good boy or good girl dog! I would plan to transition to adult food by 6-8 months old depending on your breed and your puppies activity level.

You will plan to spay or neuter your dog at 6-8 months old. You can wait till 1 year old if you want to wait longer. Have a conversation with your veterinarian about this.

Alright guys, I hope I helped you learn about how its going to be raising your new puppy!

Do not be discouraged! A puppy is a big responsibility but it is a lot of fun!

Please feel free to contact me on Instagram LindsayButzerDVM to send me your new puppy pics to be featured or simply ask any puppy questions id be happy to answer them!

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