Dogs vs Giant Gummy Bear Prank II: Funny Dogs Maymo & Potpie Battle Gummy Bears

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Watch Funny Dogs Maymo & Potpie get Pranked by an EPIC amount of Giant Gummy Bears….even more of a Gummy Bear Army than they saw the first time! The cute dogs are minding their own business when talking gummy bears start to pop out of every conceivable hiding spot around them…the little candy creatures muttering gibberish, doing their little gummy bear song and dance. Each dog reacts in the most hilarious way to the giant gummy prank, both perplexed and a little excited at the prospect of being able to play with huge gummy bears. Watch funny dog Maymo’s excitement as he knocks over the EPIC wall of gummy bears, and Potpie joining in for the fun- and just when the dogs think the pranks are over, they start up all over again!

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Gummy Bear Songs:
“With Golden Shoes” by Josef Bel Habib
“Is this Circus Music” by Luella Gren
“Nothing but Trouble” by Elliot Holmes
“Last Flight to Rio” by Tiki Tiki
“No Need to Argue” by Cercles Nouvelles

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