Dogs vs Conjoined Zombie Twins Prank! Funny Dogs Maymo & Potpie Adopt Zombie Babies

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Watch Funny Dogs Maymo vs Conjoined Zombie Twins Prank! These cute dogs are minding their own business when they hear noises outside. Little do they know, an adult zombie is leaving zombie baby conjoined twins on the porch of the dogs! Funny Dog Maymo goes to check out what’s at the door, and when they bring in the box, the two beagle dogs are shocked at what’s inside-a pair of zombie conjoined babies!! These Siamese twins cause trouble the instant they get out of the crate, jumping around the room, and trolling the dogs, who’s reaction to the prank is hilarious bemusement. Soon enough, the funny dogs become friends with the zombie baby twins, and the hapless dogs do their best to take care of their new zombie children. Funny dog Maymo reads them a story, Cute dog Potpie takes them around in a sled, and funny dog Maymo even pushes them in a swing…with hilarious results!

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