6 Best Brushes for Golden Retrievers

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Golden Retrievers are known for being goofy, smart, sweet, and sometimes…stinky. Their flowing golden locks are beautiful, but these extremely social and active dogs can pick up all kinds of gunk as they move through the world. Because Goldens love playing everywhere, in everything, and with everyone, they require frequent grooming. And with all their antics, it’s easy for them to end up with knots and mats—making finding the right brush for your Golden Retriever a must. 

Goldens also have double coats, which means they have a thick, fuzzy undercoat and a longer, water-resistant overcoat. And like other dogs with double coats, Golden Retrievers shed year-round. But if you keep up with brushing and grooming, especially during heavier shedding months, caring for your Golden’s coat is much more manageable. To help you out, we’ve gathered up a handful of the best brushes for Golden Retrievers to keep your dog’s coat in great shape—from head to tail.

HERTZKO Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs

This brush may be small, but it’s a powerful ally in the fight against mats and tangles. The pins get into a Golden Retriever’s thick undercoat without scratching the skin and remove dead hair before it can tangle. At the same time, the close-set pins grab onto and remove burrs and stickers. This specific slicker brush is great because it has an easy-grip handle that you’ll likely be using a lot. But the biggest bonus is the self-cleaning feature, which ejects tidy mats of hair from the brush with the touch of a button.

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Maxpower Planet Pet Grooming Brush

A double-duty tool, this brush digs deep into a Golden Retriever’s undercoat, helping remove tangles, mats, burrs—anything that might get caught in those copious locks. If your Golden gets mats often, this brush will be particularly useful. One side has nine teeth to help remove tangles. The other side has 17 teeth that thin out hair so that mats are less likely to form. This version is “extra-wide,” but it does come in smaller sizes if your Golden Retriever is still growing or more on the petite side. But no matter the size you choose, this brush will come with a comfortable soft-grip handle, making it easy to keep a tight grasp while you work on those more stubborn spots.

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Paw Brothers Extra Long Pin Flat Slicker Brush

Some Golden Retrievers have more hair than others. If your Golden is on the fluffier side, consider adding an extra-long pinned slicker brush to your toolkit. This brush has super-long tines that go deep into a thick undercoat and remove loose hair and debris. It also helps move natural and healthy oils throughout the coat—conditioning hair and keeping it shiny.

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HERTZKO Bristle Brush for Dogs

This bristle brush is handy for working with your Golden Retriever’s topcoat. Acting as a finishing tool, it removes trapped dirt and dead skin, smoothing out your Golden’s longer and finer outer locks. The densely packed bristles help stimulate blood circulation to promote healthy hair growth. And it’s a soft option for more delicate spots, like the face, ear, and belly.

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FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Dogs

The superhero of brushes for dogs that shed, the FURminator is a must-have for pet parents with Golden Retrievers. This de-shedding tool is especially handy during spring and fall, aka the blowout season when Golden Retrievers shed their undercoats to make room for new growth.

Razors are set deep within the FURminator’s comb teeth, making hair removal easy and actually, kind of fun. It’s a blast to see how much hair can come off your molting Golden. Just be sure to use it outside—your vacuum will thank you later.

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KONG Zoom Groom Multi-Use Dog Brush

If your Golden Retriever is younger or just iffy on brushes, a soft curry comb can help them become more comfortable with grooming. While it won’t get down into that all-important undercoat, it can remove some hair from the topcoat. And it provides a great massage. Try using it as a supplement to your more serious grooming tools, keeping it in one hand for “sympathy strokes” when getting down to business.

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Golden Retrievers are famously easy-going, but dealing with their fancy coats can be a challenge. Set yourself up for success with regular grooming and the right set of brushes. It’s a big job, but if you’ve learned anything from your Golden Retriever, it’s to do everything with joy all of the time.

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