Buccaneer Rob Gronkowski’s Frenchie Gets Sick Days Before Playoffs


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers play the Philadelphia Eagles in the playoffs on Sunday, January 16th, 2022. That would be enough to make Buccaneers’ tight end Rob Gronkowski a bit nervous. Then on the 12th, just a few days before the game, Gronk and his girlfriend Camille Kostek got some worrisome news.

The couple’s French Bulldog Ralphie fell ill, suffering from some kind of breathing issue. The worried parents noticed their dog behaving differently, evidently in some distress.


Kostek shared on social media:

“He was waking up pretty much every hour on the hour, having some kind of wheezing fits. His regular breathing is off. He’s been super uncomfortable.”

The couple took their pup to the vet, where he was prescribed some medication after the doc discovered a minor lung infection. Kostek indicated Ralphie’s issue doesn’t appear to be too serious.

Lucky for the little guy, his dad is a professional athlete with access to a personal steam room. Ralphie spent some time in the steam, with his parents hoping it’ll make him breathe a little easier. Kostek even got into the steam room with him for a while.


Hopefully, the pup is on the mend and able to watch his dad’s big game Sunday. Feel better Ralphie!

About Ralphie Gronkowski

Ralphie of course, like many celebrity pets, has his own personal Instagram page. The Frenchie has over 55 thousand followers. The first post introducing him to the world on February 27th, 2021 described his personality:

I like to take long naps, chew everything in sight, snuggle, and get the zoomies …. a lot.”


Ralphie likes to chase his dad on jogs, which Gronk joked means “Ralphie Gronkowski is training to be a Buccaneer.” In another post the dog wears a pirate outfit his parents picked out for him. Seems like Ralphie doesn’t have much of a choice in this aspiration… unless his dad ends up on a different team someday.


In his young life, Ralphie has also seen much of the world. His athlete dad and actress/model mom travel a lot, and he comes too. Another Instagram post says:

“I have had so many firsts ever since I met my mom and dad !! They travel A LOT and they always bring me with them ! I love the airplane, car rides, snow, sand, and snuggles everywhere we go.”


You can follow his and his parents’ adventures on Instagram @ralphiegronkowski.

Featured Image: Instagram

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