The 10 Best Dog Products Ever Featured on “Shark Tank”

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Love “Shark Tank”? What’s not to love about watching people bring ideas for products that range from ingenious to … interesting? Here at Rover, we’re naturally queued into “Shark Tank” dog products featured on the ABC show.

Cute outfits? Check! Healthy treats? Check! Innovative technology? Check! The ideas for dogs featured on “Shark Tank” run the gamut of pet products that pet parents want and need.

Below, check out some of our favorite dog products featured over the years on “Shark Tank.”

Our Favorite “Shark Tank” Dog Products

bag of Himalayan Dog Chews with a chew next to it

We love a safe, all-natural chew, which is why we had to include brothers Suman and Sujan Shrestha and friend Nishes Shrestha’s product from season 6. Made with just four ingredients: yak milk, cow milk, salt and lime, these chews are often safer than bones and rawhides and have a much milder odor.

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stack of Pooch Paper, dog product from "Shark Tank"

We’re all for environmentally friendly products, which is why Tracy Rosensteel’s “Shark Tank” dog product caught our attention in season 12. Looking to reduce plastic in landfills, she created these poop bags from recycled paper fiber that are completely compostable and biodegradable.

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man holding dog, both wearing Dog Threads Great Yukon Sweater from "Shark Tank"

In season 11, Gina and Scott Davis presented Dog Threads: ethically made, high-quality wearables for your dog and the whole family. Check out the many fun prints and styles, including the Great Yukon Sweater (above) a newer arrival!

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K9 Mask Air Filter Mask for Dogs from Shark Tank and German Shepherd wearing mask

Season 12 also saw this “Shark Tank” dog product from Kirby Holmes. Unfortunately, wildfire smoke and other elements that affect air quality are increasingly an issue, which is why a mask could be an important piece of gear for your dog. Made with adjustable straps and an exhale valve, this mask filters out many toxic particles and comes with replaceable air filters. We’ve tested the K9 Mask ourselves and can see why it’s handy.

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Wild Earth Healthy High-Protein Formula Dry Dog Food from "Shark Tank"

Co-founder and CEO of Wild Earth Ryan Bethencourt presented these wholesome treats on season 10; the company has since expanded into dog food. Created by veterinarians and cellular agriculture specialists, this high-protein, plant-based food leaves a smaller carbon footprint than dog foods with meat.

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Petnostics General Health Test Kit

We know how important health screenings are for humans, and they’re important for dogs, too! That’s why we had to include Stephen Chen’s product from season 10, which uses a more affordable method for urinalysis that includes a cup and test strips. Results can be interpreted via the free corresponding app.

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Wondercide Flea, Tick and Mosquito Spray for Dogs from "Shark Tank"

Flea and tick products are a necessary part of living with a pet, but how safe are they? In season 7, Stephanie Boone shared her story about her dog Luna’s severe allergic reactions to flea-and-tick drops, which is why Wondercide’s products are made in the USA from plant-based oils that naturally and safely eliminate fleas, ticks, and mosquitos from dogs and their environments.

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hand wearing Aquapaw Pet Bathing Sprayer with water coming out next to product box

Ever tried to bathe a dog? It can get a little bananas! Which is why we appreciate Daniel Lentz’s product from season 10. The Aquapaw attaches to a shower or hose and adjusts to the pet parent’s hand. The sprayer gives you more control and allows you to get in a good scrub and penetrates water deeper into your dog’s coat for a quicker, and more thorough, bath time.

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Beagle puppy on BrilliantPad Self-Cleaning, Automatic Indoor Dog Potty and hand holding corresponding app on smartphone

What’s not to love about a potty that’s self-cleaning? We can all get on board with Alan Cook’s product from season 9. Like a puppy pee pad, your doggo does their business on the surface and then the liquid or solid waste is automatically wrapped into the compartment beside it, which, when emptied, has the waste contained securely inside the used roll for mess-free disposal.

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golden retriever with reindeer toy in mouth standing next to PupBox Holiday Box

The PupBox Holiday Box is pictured above, and it’s just one example of the subscription and gift box by Ben and Ariel Zvaifler featured in season 8. PupBox subscriptions contain a variety of toys, treats, tools, training games, and more that are age appropriate and arrive monthly for your growing pup.

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