Baby Poops In Onesie And The Dog Decides To Quickly Leave The Scene


I’ve never met anyone who didn’t find farts to the face funny. But what about baby farts? No one likes it when babies let off gas, but at least then, their diapers create a buffer zone that softens the impact. 🙂

Image Credit: YouTube Video

I couldn’t help but laugh as I watched this adorable baby squeeze off his best fart ever before rudely awakening the dog next to him. The dog reacted just the way a big brother would have! He gives the baby a dirty look then leaps off the couch as fast as he can to safety. It’s priceless!

Image Credit: YouTube Video

Check out this video to see the dog’s hilarious reaction!  The dog is funny and you will definitely be laughing right there with me. Not to mention, the baby was the cutest thing ever!

Be sure to watch this dynamic (gassy duo) and pass it onto a friend or family member!

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