Stray Baby Slept In Alleyway On Dirty Mat When Mama Rejected His Infection


In a poverty-stricken town, stray animals already cause enough trouble for the residents. It is common to see them everywhere. People are so poor they cannot afford food, but they still try to help these innocent animals. One stray puppy was in distress. The people called for help and provided him with medical attention.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

Animal Aid arrived to find a puppy lying in an alleyway. His face was swollen and caked with blood. What had happened to this poor pooch? Amazingly, despite the pain, the puppy wagged his tail as he calmly greeted his new human friends.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

One of the rescue workers scooped up the puppy and put him in his car. He drove to the Animal Aid sanctuary so he could receive medical care. The workers assessed him and found that an infection caused fluid to build up beneath his skin. This is why his little face was so swollen.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

When the volunteers clean off his face, they realize that the reason for all this was just a tiny wound. This proves that infection can easily happen if an animal is not kept clean and under observation. But it’s okay now. The volunteers are going to make sure he recovers.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

Topical and oral antibiotics treat the puppy’s skin infection. The next day, he can eat again. His face looks so much better already. He loves to be held, and he knows that humans are kind!

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

Just a few days after his rescue, the sweet pup is back to normal. He will be sad to say goodbye because he has a lot of friends at the pet shelter but he belongs with his mommy and siblings.

Source: Animal Aid Unlimited

When the neighbors hear that the dog family is moving away, they decide to help them. Animal Aid comes by and gives bags of food to all the neighbors. Everyone promises to take good care of the dogs.

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