Golden Retriever Helps British Television Star Shed Serious Weight


Mark Labbett, better known as “The Beast” on the hit British Trivia Television show “The Chase,” claims his gorgeous Golden Retriever was his main inspiration for his massive weight loss.

While the television personality was being interviewed on ITV’s “The Pet Show,” he gushed about his furry sidekick and explained how beautiful Baloo came to be his own “personal trainer” as he shed a shocking amount of weight.

Mark Labbrett

It was love at first sight when Mark and his wife first met Baloo. And after discussing it, the couple decided that his wife would take on the main responsibilities that come with being a pet parent. But as you may have guessed, only two short weeks after they welcomed Baloo into their loving home, those responsibilities fell to Mark. 

“My wife promised me that when we first got him she would take care of everything – feeding him, walking him, and so on. That lasted about two weeks before she decided- Actually Mark, look at your belly – you need the exercise,” he shared.


Thanks to Baloo, Mark found himself inspired to commit to the healthy habit of regular exercise. After all, Golden Retrievers are well known for their friendliness, high energy, and affinity for outdoor adventures. That sounds like the perfect pal for someone who wants motivation for movement. Together, the pair ventured on many walks, and this increased activity is a major factor Mark attributes to helping him shed so much weight. 

“I think he’s helped a lot, simply because I’m doing more activity,” Mark explained.

Mark Labbett

A diagnosis with type two diabetes and the threat of high blood pressure motivated Mark to truly commit to changing his lifestyle. Mark started his weight loss journey at 29 stone, or 406 pounds. But with the help of Baloo, he was able to shed a staggering ten stone or 140 pounds! He also attributes his diet changes, including a reduction of sugar and carbs, to how he shed so much weight over the last few years. 

“I’ve gradually dropped X’s off my size, from 5XL to 4XL and it looks like the next time I go shopping I’ll be able to squeeze into XL pants,” he said. 

Mark Labbett

It’s obvious how much Mark loves his best friend, Baloo. As when he was being interviewed, he spoke so highly of him and kept reaching down to scratch and show the gorgeous Goldie some affection. They also worked well together on the agility course they traversed during the show. It’s clear that the duo shares an incredibly close bond, and that Baloo played an incredibly important role in Mark’s positive lifestyle changes.

Featured Image: Instagram / Twitter

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