Jingle Bells! The 10 Best Christmas Cat Collars for 2021

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When you’re getting dressed up for the winter holidays, don’t forget to decorate your cat with a bit of seasonal bling! We’ve found ten of the best Christmas cat collars—including a few classics that will look great year-round.

Choosing the Best Cat Collars

Cat collars are a great idea, no matter what the season. Keep your kitty safe by adding an ID tag or, if you have an outdoor kitty, equip them with a GPS or RFID tag so you can keep tabs on them. Collars with bells help keep the local birds safe too.

Unsure about fit? Check out the Humane Society’s guidelines on choosing a cat collar.

When selecting a Christmas cat collar, keep safety in mind. Just because a holiday collar is cute as all get-out doesn’t mean it’s a good one for your cat. Make sure the collar you choose has a safety feature (such as an elastic insert or a breakaway clasp) so it will release if your cat slips into a tight space and the collar catches on something.

The Best Christmas Cat Collars

Just about any cat will enjoy wearing the colorful holiday collars on this list. Decked out in one of these, your kitty will be the life of your office Zoom party or in-person holiday gathering (especially if you opt for that rhinestone one).

Bow tie holiday cat collars in plaid

Can’t decide between green and red? Or need a quick way to tell your two tabbies apart? This set of green plaid and red plaid bow tie collars will do the trick. These soft cotton collars are easily adjustable and featured breakaway clasps. If your cats don’t mind wearing bells, these will add a delightful touch to your holiday household.

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Red Christmas cat collars with a tree pattern and reindeer antlers

Go for the jingle bells and glitter! We like these red-and-gold combos. You get two collars, one with a glittery star on a Christmas-tree print bow tie and collar, the other with clever little gilt antlers and a simple red bow tie. Easily adjustable with breakaway clasps, these handsome collars fit adults cats with neck sizes 8 inches to 12 inches.

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Christmas cat collars in red, green, and blue, with festive charms

These slim lightweight collars come three to a set and are designed for small cats and kittens (neck sizes 7 to 10.7 inches). The set includes a red collar with Santas, a green collar with Christmas stockings, and a blue collar with snowmen. These little collars, complete with charms, are a fine choice if your cat isn’t keen on bulky neckwear!

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Chukchi rhinestone collar for cats

What is your cat doing on New Year’s Eve? Even if she turns up her nose at champagne, Her Highness will adore this soft velvet collar set with diamante rhinestones. It’s available in many colors—perfect for cats with discerning taste. You don’t need to forego safety with this pretty collar—an elastic insert will enable your cat to get free if the collar snags on something.

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Christmas cat collars with red and green bows

Blueberry Pet offers this set of two lightweight Christmas cat collars designed for mid-size and larger cats (adjustable to fit neck sizes 9 through 13 inches). We love the vibrant party colors, the bells, the sparkly gold trim, and the breakaway safety clasps.

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Plaid cat collars with bells and bows in green, yellow, and red

These handsome plaid collars with removable bow ties come from one of the most respected pet products companies, Expawlorer. You know they’ll be comfortable, durable, and safe for your kitty. We think they look particularly snazzy on tabby cats! For neck sizes 8 to 12 inches.

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Cat collar with bow tie and bell in Christmas colors

Are you a fan of the soft Necoichi collars made of Japanese print fabrics? If so, check out their collar celebrating the winter-blooming camellia, a shrub that blossoms even in deep frost! The red, green, and cream colors are perfect for the Christmas holiday. The Camellia Collar features a gold bell and a breakaway closure for safety.

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Looking for something elegant for holiday parties or family pictures? Dress up your kitty in one of these classy-yet-comfy velvet collars with breakaway closures. A pack of four collars (red, black, purple, and gray) will keep your cat (neck size 8 to 11 inches) well-dressed throughout the festive season.

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Frisco breakaway collar with bell

Celebrate the new year with a new collar. If your cat is not fond of the bows and ruffles found on most Christmas cat collars, stick with the basics. This bright red version of Frisco’s nylon collar is perfect for the holidays. It has all the safety and durability you could want for your furry friend.

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Safe cat collar in red with bell

When it comes to seasonal color, you can’t beat the all-red design on this slim collar—from the no-snag nylon fabric to the adjustable buckle and the breakaway safety clasp. Even the bell on this collar is a cheery holiday red!

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