8 Best Calming Beds for Anxious Dogs

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By now, you’ve probably heard of “calming dog beds”—they’re all the rage, and the claims being made about them are pretty fantastic: that they soothe anxious pups who struggle with stressful situations like storms, guests, or separation anxiety.

Most calming dog beds share a similar design: lots of plush filling, a soft faux-fur exterior, and a classic donut shape with bolstered sides. This specific combination is meant to appeal to your dog’s senses. The faux fur might remind them of their mom and littermates, and the plush filling is a burrower’s dream. The round donut shape gives them a big old hug as they curl in for a nap, with the bolstered sides offering a sense of protection from the outside world.

Will a calming dog bed make your dog’s anxiety disappear? Probably not. For most pet parents, these aren’t a magic bullet. But our own test of the original calming dog bed left us impressed. Our fearful snugglers gave them four paws up—and yours might like one too. Read on for some of the coziest sleep options we’ve encountered.

Our Favorite Calming Beds for Anxious Dogs

The Best Friends by Sheri bed claims to be the original dog calming bed—and as far as we can tell, it deserves the title. Designers chose the donut style with its high, plush sides to please snugglers and burrowers alike, creating a soft, quiet retreat for the ultimate napping experience.

We tested this one ourselves and can confirm that it’s as cozy as it looks. Our dogs used it for everything from a cave with blankets to a pillow for cat naps, making it suitable for loungers of all styles. We especially like it for dogs who need a safe space but can’t deal with traditional crates or enclosures.

This bed comes in multiple sizes and five colors—and it’s machine washable and dryer safe.

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Dog in MFOX calming dog bed

Featuring a similar donut design, this calming bed encourages a dog to curl up, experience a deeper sleep, and rest easy. It’s a little more affordable than some of the luxury calming beds out there, and with four sizes and by far the widest selection of colors, it’s a solid starter option for anyone wondering if calming beds are for them. The largest size is suitable for dogs up to 100 pounds, and it goes in the washing machine when it’s time for cleaning.

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The Active Pets Plush Calming Bed is a lighter, slimmer nest than some of the other calming beds out there—though most reviewers feel it still has ample fluff for their dogs to enjoy. Four classic color choices (including bright pink for the pooch who wants some flare) and a no-slip base make it an attractive option for more active pups and owners who plan to move it around.

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Dog in OXS calming donut bed

The OXS Calming Dog Bed comes with a removable blanket made from the same soft faux-fur material as the bed—a great bonus for dogs who love to burrow or nest. This bed is machine washable and can accommodate dogs up to 55 pounds. Like most fur beds, it’s not a solid option for chewers—but it’s perfect for lounging and cuddling.

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Small dog in calming bed

Made of high-quality artificial wool, this bed is so soft and fluffy that it invites your dog to dive right in—and a non-skid bottom makes sure it stays firmly planted on your living room floor when they do. Hand-washing is recommended to extend this cushy pillow’s lifespan (though reviewers report it can be put into the washer in a pinch).

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Dog in pink furhaven bed

This bed promises an “enhanced snuggling” experience because, well, who wouldn’t want that for their dog? It breaks the mold of the traditional calming bed with a zipper lining, so you can actually replace or remove stuffing to suit your dog’s preferences. If your pup is finicky about fluff level, this might the tie-breaker. Like the other beds, it has a plush exterior and a donut shape, all part of the same design to help your dog settle in for an anti-anxiety nap. This bed comes with a 90-day warranty.

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Dog in Bark Home dog bed

This calming bed is for smaller dogs, so if you’ve got an anxious Yorkie or a nervous Pug, you’re in business! It uses memory foam to create that snuggly experience, which also may be good for older dogs who have aches and pains. Like the other calming beds, it has that classic donut shape, extra cuddly materials, and—this time—a removable cover for washing. Our only question: where can we get one in human size?

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Small dog in gray Wayimpress bed

The WAYIMPRESS is also for small breeds, and it includes a non-skid bottom to keep it rooted to the floor. (Our dogs love to dive into bed—so we find this a very sensible feature.) Especially thick padding makes it a nice choice for older dogs and provides a self-warming element, trapping in your dog’s own body heat for a luxuriously warm napping experience.

You can machine-wash and dry this bed, and it comes in an assortment of colors. (Need a peach-colored bed to match those drapes? This is the one!)

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