Scroll Through The Stunning Photos Of A Pink Nosed Pup Befriending Butterflies


Meet Milo, the pink-nosed pup who befriends butterflies and has become a social media sensation. Once you get a good look at this photo gallery, it will be easy to see why. Milo’s mom, Jen, captures stunning photos of handsome, happy Milo interacting with the butterflies that live in their garden.

One scroll through these feel-good photos is sure to leave you smiling for the duration of your day. 

Milo with Butterfly

In many ways, Milo is like most dogs. He loves long walks, hikes, and car rides. But there’s one thing about him that makes him quite different than most other pups. His best friends have spotted wings and migrate to Mexico for the winter. They’re monarch butterflies!

Milo smile

Milo is a three-year-old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever who lives with his mom and dad in southern California. His mom first noticed his affinity for butterflies when they had a massive migration through their city. They were out for a hike near Malibu when they came upon thousands of painted lady butterflies. It was a magical experience for all, and Milo was completely mesmerized. 

Milo with crown

After that, Milo’s mom found out that the monarch butterfly population is dropping. Since she has always had an affinity for butterflies, she decided to do something about it. She did some research, planted milkweed in their garden, and began to breed them.

Now, not only does their yard have a gorgeous garden filled with flowers and fruits, but it is also a safe haven for butterflies. 

Nose butterfly

Milo was utterly mesmerized by the butterflies on this hike, and he remains enamored by them in his home garden. His easy-going nature lends perfectly to his love of butterflies. Milo’s mom explains that he truly is a gentle soul.

An adorable, gentle dog is the perfect place to land if you’re a butterfly, right?

Milo with butterfly

Photos of the furry pooch with his winged friends are mesmerizing thousands on social media. Milo has become known as “The King of Butterflies” and has over 100,000 followers on Instagram.

Butterfly with flowers

Not only is Milo “The King of Butterflies,” but he is also a professional chef who stars in his own cooking series where he shows his human and canine viewers how to make tasty dog treats. Butterfly cookies and peanut butter donuts are a couple of the creations he makes on his show.


If you can’t get enough of Milo and his fluttery friends, his mom creates calendars, stickers, magnets, and more. Or, you can follow him on his social media pages here and see his bright, beautiful face on your phone, tablet, or computer every day.

Garden butterfly

H /T: critter
Featured Photo: Milo Bennett / Facebook

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