6 Best Brushes for Pomeranians

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Tiny but mighty, Pomeranians may seem like nothing more than balls of poof anchored by googly eyes and perma-smiles, but underneath their fluffy exteriors, they are fiercely funny, intelligent, and loyal. With a Pomeranian, you get a lot of dog in a little package—and all of this goodness requires some specialized care in the form of grooming. Whether you prefer sophisticated scissor cuts or letting all that fluff go wild, you can maintain a healthy coat and skin for your little Pom-Pom at home with the help of some specific brushes that are the best for Pomeranians.

Our 6 Favorite Brushes To Keep A Pomeranian’s Coat Healthy

This is a good starter brush if you have a Pomeranian puppy or new rescue because it’s gentle and doesn’t pull. Its soft bristles also make it a good choice for delicate areas such as the lower belly and legs.

As your Pomeranian grows, you’ll find her coat will be so thick this type of brush won’t make much of a dent—but is still useful to have on hand. It will move into its permanent place as a finishing brush with the job of adding volume and shine to your Pomeranian’s coat.

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Slicker brush with wire bristles from Hertzko

A necessity for long-haired, thick-coated Pomeranians, a slicker brush is most definitely the most important tool in your grooming arsenal. This go-to brush makes easy work of tangles and mats without damaging surrounding hair. It can also get into that thick undercoat to remove loose hairs before they become mats.

This slicker brush from Hertzko has a no-slip handle that will help you maintain a steady grip and allow for easier maneuvering, especially in more challenging spots. It’s also self-cleaning (just push the button on the head), a feature you’ll likely make much use of with a Pomeranian!

Pro tip: Use just the sides or corners of the brush in harder-to-reach spots. If your Pomeranian is especially wee-sized, you can also opt for a triangle-shaped slicker brush that will give you more access to trickier spots like armpits and inside the legs.

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Paw Brothers slicker brush with long wire bristles

Why have two slicker brushes, you ask? Because with a coat as thick as a Pomeranian’s, you’re going to need them! While a shorter-pinned slicker brush can help you with the finer details of Pomeranian grooming, a long-pin brush will help you get deeper into the coat to remove dirt and any detritus that may have built up deeper in your Pom’s coat.

Because long-pinned brushes tend to have sharper ends, you’ll want to use this on the areas of your Pom with the thickest hair and avoid sensitive spots where the pins might scratch skin—such as the belly.

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Purple Poodle Pet detangling comb

The smaller size and no-slip grip handle of this comb make it great for more delicate jobs, such as brushing around your Pom-Pom’s face and belly. With both long and short teeth, it can tackle tangles deeper in the coat or on the surface and is great for a quick comb-through when you don’t have time for a full grooming session.

The other nice thing about stainless steel teeth is that they reduce static that might occur with plastic bristles—and they won’t break as easily. This slender tool is also handy as a cleaner for other brushes, like long-pin brushes, and is easily cleaned—just throw it in the sink or dishwasher.

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Curved mat remover from Hertzko

The most frequent mats in Pomeranians occur in their thick undercoats. If you run across a stubborn mat while brushing, a curved mat remover can help you cut it out safely and efficiently. The blades within this brush are sharp and short; they remove mats without damaging surrounding hair or tugging on your Pom’s sensitive skin.

Because Pomeranians tend to be small-bodied under all that hair, you’ll want to be sure you get a smaller size—this is easier to handle and gives you more flexibility in harder-to-reach spots. If you find that your Pomeranian’s coat has mats every time you you groom him, use this tool to remove them, but also consider grooming him more frequently with a brush than can get deep into his thick coat and prevent those mats from forming in the first place.

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Non-rotating rake comb from GoPets

Rake combs get deep into a Pom’s undercoat to remove loose hairs, so if other brushes aren’t doing the trick—particularly in shedding season—this brush will help lighten your Pomeranian’s load, so to speak. Because every Pom’s coat is different, this is an ideal tool if your pooch has an extra-thick coat.

While rake combs are super useful, be sure to purchase the non-rotating type. Rotating rake combs can damage Pomeranian undercoats, which can leave the longer overcoat looking flat and lifeless. A non-rotating rake comb will only pull dead, shedding hairs and can be especially helpful when warm weather arrives.

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No two Pomeranians are alike in looks or personality (though we can all agree every Pom is cute as a button), but one standard exists for them all: lots of grooming to maintain that perfect, healthy, puffy coat.

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