Light Head In Real Life vs Dogs Prank: Funny Dogs Maymo & Potpie Meet Light Head

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Watch Funny Dogs Maymo and Potpie vs Light Head in Real Life Prank! These dogs are having a normal day sniffing each other on the couch, that is until they see a random beam of light enter the room, and hear a sound coming from outside like Siren Head. Curious beagle dog Maymo runs to the window, but sees nothing outside. When the cute beagle dogs go back to resting, the lights in the house suddenly turn off, and when they come back on, they see a giant Light Head (creepypasta) standing above them. The dogs realize the sound was coming from Light Head, not Siren Head, and they pounce immediately. Watch Light Head and the dogs as they first wrestle, but quickly become friends, and Light head becomes a valuable resource for the dogs, helping Funny Dog Maymo send letters, and Cute Dog Potpie to find a lost ball underneath the couch. What do you all think of siren head vs light head? Let us know in the comments!

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“Happiest Camper on Earth” by Stationary Sign
“The Victim” by Mary Riddle
“Break Fast” by Jules Gaia
“Roll the Dice” by Sam Shore

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