Momo Pranks Dogs: Funny Dogs Maymo & Potpie Have Fun with Momo

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Watch Funny Dogs Maymo & Potpie vs Momo Prank! These cute beagle dogs are having a regular day when something extraordinary happens- Momo shows up for another visit (and hilarious pranks). Funny Dog Maymo is sitting on the toilet when he thinks he hears something, but thinks nothing of it, and leaves the bathroom. Cute dog Potpie is watering the flowers when he thinks he feels something behind him, but when he looks, nothing is there. Little do the dogs realize, Momo has been following them around all along…that is, until clumsy Momo trips on a stump and the dogs turn to see! Watch the funny dog reactions when they finally see Momo- they immediately attack her, but the three eventually become the best of friends, enjoying activities together such as limbo, UNO, and checkers.

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“And Champagne for All” by Fly Guy Five
“Going for a Walk” by Helmut Schenker
“Back in Rio” by Jay Cano
“Tropic Fun” by Maiwan

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